Close Customers, Train Agents, & Track Progress with:

The REVOS Technology Suite

Technology built by insurance agents - for insurance agents!
A comprehensive CRM, Reporting, and Lead Generation Solution


The Revolt Vanguard Operating System - White-label ready!

The REVOS Technology Suite Handles: 

  • Lead Generation + Marketing Support
  • Step-By-Step Customer Sales Journeys
  • Step-By-Step New Agent Recruiting, Training, + Onboarding
  • Reporting + Analytics – For Complete Organizational Transparency
  • eLearning System
  • Healthcare Concierge Service

This streamlined system provides an efficient, guided process to close clients and recruit/train new agents, reducing operating expenses, so that even the newest agents can start closing faster! 

Ask about our subscription model to turn your agents into customers! 

Agents Using REVOS Experience:

Turn-Key Marketing

Agents using REVOS are provided with marketing graphics, pre-written post content, soft messaging instruction, best-practices training and more!

Online Training

The REVOS on-demand eLearning system gives agents access to self-paced training lessons, while also making that training available for reference later.

Qualified Lead Generation

REVOS provides digital lead generation, where quality leads are distributed internally through the REVOS system - closing the book on cold-calling for good!

Step-By-Step Sales Process

Inside REVOS, agents follow a visual step-by-step process to track and close each lead - a process developed by top closing agents!

Improved Close Rates

With the power of REVOS, agents are able to take control of their sales pipeline, driving qualified leads, and increasing their close rate!

The only CRM with our proven sales process Built-in!

Step-By-step Customer Sales Journey

Each agent receives a landing page
to manage their own customer pipeline

The Instant Quote form on each landing page performs 2 functions: 

  1. Automatically sends a quote to the client 
  2. Moves the client into the agents pipeline to be closed

Once inside the REVOS system the agent is presented with step-by-step instructions to educate and close their new lead.

How well does the REVOS
lead generation & Conversion Strategy Work?

Conversion Rate = (Total Form Submissions / Total Page Views ) X 100

Average Conversion Rates VS REVOS:

Across Industries Average Landing Page Conversion Rate = 2.35%

  • Top 10% Convert At 11.45+%

REVOS Landing Page Conversion Rates As High As 41.8%

REVOS Conversion rates out-perform averages across industries!

Lead Generation + Marketing Support


Digital leads are more qualified and
less expensive to acquire than traditional phone leads. 

Our team of digital marketers uses the latest technology and strategies to acquire, qualify, and convert prospects into digital leads for agents to close inside the CRM. Newly acquired leads are placed into an agents pipeline within minutes of entering the REVOS system.


REVOS agents receive customized marketing
resources to manage every aspect of their sales pipeline.

Every agent gets access to social media graphics, pre-written post content, and a strategic content calendar, so that they know exactly what to post and when to post it. They also receive custom landing pages to convert traffic into leads through an integrated instant quote form.

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Reporting + Analytics

The REVOS Reporting Capabilities Are Robust:

  1. Customizable dashboards for each agent show them if their production is on-track for the month, and the organizational dashboard lets you see how your agency is producing at a glance.

  2. Run specific reports to see how many leads your agents have in each stage of the selling process.

  3. Marketing analytics to track email open rates and customer velocity help tighten up the sales process. 


Inside Your Branded University Agents Can:

  1. Get licensed
  2. Learn about your product
  3. Learn how to sell your product
  4. Learn the latest sales, marketing, & social media techniques
  5. Receive access to our team of marketing & tech support specialists

The Best Part? 

Agent progress is monitored for follow-ups, agents can work through the material as fast as they like, and agents have continual access to the university – they have on-demand access to the material at all times!


Increase your client retention & free-up your agent’s time by offering healthcare concierge service, which will assist your clients in using their benefits!

Healthcare Concierge Provides year-round support to help clients:

  1. Pre-Plan and Pre-Price Healthcare Services/Procedures
  2. Process Claims
  3. Get The Most Out Of Their Plan Benefits